Welcome to Tombs of the Dundee Howff.

The Howff Cemetery is situated in the heart of Dundee, Scotland and is a favourite haunt (please excuse the pun) of locals who use it especially during the summer months to spend some time relaxing on their lunch breaks. The cemetery has been in existence since around 1564 when Mary Queen of Scots granted the town the lands of a former monastery and its orchard for use as a burial ground.

The website began life as a few pages of 16th and 17th century memorials back in 2001. Over the years it has made a number of different changes in direction to become what it is today and will no doubt evolve more in the future.

As well as the Howff, also incorporated here is information collected for the New Howff (Constitution Road), St Aidan's, St Peter's, Old Mains and Logie burial grounds with future plans to add more.




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