During the 1920s and 30s the Howff was a popular venue for "punters" placing bets on the outcome of horse races, the results of which would be wired by someone at the track. This became a daily occurrence which escalated to the point where the Howff was closed between 12 and 4pm. However this didn't deter the "punters" as they would just gather for the 4.30pm and 5pm races that followed. The above picture is in all probability one of these gatherings.

Above image İPhotopolis, Dundee Central Library 



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The surnames of those interred are viewable from the links above. The monuments and or inscriptions can either be viewed via a direct link from those pages, or can be viewed from the monument tables. These are to show which monuments are still in existence; those which are now missing have colour coding assigned to some which gives a brief indication as to what has happened to them in the past. The history of the Howff can be accessed by the link above, the Other items heading offers links to newspaper articles and other items of interest. The Other Cemeteries link will list other places I have recorded.

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I am pleased to announce that after 15 years of work the complete recording of inscriptions in the Howff section is now finished. All monuments visible and also those removed in antiquity or destroyed by the ravages of time have their inscriptions recorded here. Those which are showing just a name entry are the details as recorded in an 1833-34 survey and the Register of Tombstones and Monuments in Dundee Burial Ground 1832 and no further information is available.

The Howff survey now contains well over 2000 pages, so there is plenty to see!! I have been as accurate as I can throughout this project, however as with any task this size and dealing with vast amounts of information there may be the odd error, if you do happen to come across one then please feel free to email me from the Contact link above. Thank you, and enjoy your visit :)

I would like to take the opportunity to thank the staff from the Wellgate Library here in Dundee for their tremendous assistance. Also many thanks to Iain Flett and staff from the Dundee City Archive, and also Innes Duffus honorary Archivist to the Nine Incorporated Trades.

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Doors open day 2015

This year the Dundee Doors Open Day's will be Saturday the 19th and Sunday the 20th of September, followed by Doors Open to Heaven Week. This will features tours of the local cemeteries, details are as follows:-

Monday 21st : The Howff.

Tuesday 22nd : Roodyards.

Wednesday 23rd : Broughty Ferry Old (Fisher Street).

Thursday 24th : Logie.

Friday 25th : Western, concentrating on the Commonwealth War Graves.

A map of the Howff from 1832.

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  Unidentified eroded stones listed for completeness


The grave disolves each social tye,

And tells us too that we must die,

And then corruption see,

Happy they are whose hopes do rise,

High as the honours of the skies,

Where joys immortal be

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