During the 1920s and 30s the Howff was a popular venue for "punters" placing bets on the outcome of horse races, the results of which would be wired by someone at the track. This became a daily occurrence which escalated to the point where the Howff was closed between 12 and 4pm. However this didn't deter the "punters" as they would just gather for the 4.30pm and 5pm races that followed. The above picture is in all probability one of these gatherings.

Above image ęPhotopolis, Dundee Central Library 



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  Unidentified eroded stones listed for completeness


The grave disolves each social tye,

And tells us too that we must die,

And then corruption see,

Happy they are whose hopes do rise,

High as the honours of the skies,

Where joys immortal be

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